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The Geffrard Wedding

Erie & Nick had a very intimate celebration on a calm and soothing Saturday evening. They found out about us from the wedding venue they booked. When they reached out, all they wanted was a Day-of coordinator cos they already planned their day but they needed a professional to bring it all together. We went through the details together and they had an astonishing experience.

Pat had been nothing but amazing to us since the day I spoke with her on the phone. She’s so enthusiastic, even more than I was at times. We had a traditional Vietnamese wedding which she had not done before, but I honestly couldn’t have asked for someone better than Pat and Tiffany. They made sure I got everything I wanted and dreamt of for my wedding. First off, her prices were SO FAIR! They weren’t cutthroat like some others out there and I shopped around A LOT! Second, the services that she offered were amazing. I didn’t see anyone offer the same services she did. We hired Ruban Bleu as our day-o coordinator package, but her services start about 30 days before the wedding date. However, even months before the wedding date, when I had questions or needed help with anything, she never hesitated to answer or help me. Thank you, Pat and team. I totally recommend them!!!

Erie & Nick Geffrard


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