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Yoruba Wedding in Texas

Martee & Abara got married in Dallas on a happy weekend of January. The thought was to re-invent a traditional Yoruba wedding in a foreign space. Reinvention happens not from new ideas, but from exploring discomfort. For this wedding, we built a creative inspiration out of our comfort zone, made the mood boards, built a set by ourselves, and gave then an interesting traditional wedding experience. We are always open to try new waters.

Pat is an absolute saver, her experience in wedding planning is truly exceptional. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get to my wedding day without her support and expertise. As a busy lady and one whose partner stays far overseas, we decided early that we were going to need extra hands on the day of our wedding, so after some calls with various coordinators, I landed on Ruban Bleu Weddings. Although I booked the wedding day management package, it was obvious that the full Ruban Bleu weddings team has a perfect knowledge of weddings, inside and out. They are detail-oriented, time conscious, and friendly. If you want hitch-free wedding planning, I recommend Ruban Bleu weddings.

Martee & Abara


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