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43 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid!

Proper wedding etiquette begins the moment you start planning your wedding. From the guest list to the cheese board to the actual nitty-gritty details of wedding planning! However, one of the best ways to plan a wedding as smoothly as possible is to know exactly what to avoid when planning your wedding.


Tips for saving money on a wedding

Most brides already have an idea of what they want their dream wedding to be like; that doesn’t mean the special day has to break the budget to be absolutely perfect. No matter where you plan to get married, what kind of dress you have your eye on, or how many people you plan to invite—there are some great deals to be had on everything from your wedding dress and food to entertainment and even the wedding venue.


How to Find Peace in Your Marriage

Marriage is bound to have moments of unrest. It doesn’t take long after the wedding day to figure out that marriage can have its difficulties. It’s inevitable for every couple to disagree or argue. But what if I told you that peace was indeed possible in your marriage?


Top 25 Worst Wedding Planning Mistakes

You’re at your favorite park, restaurant, or bar. In the backyard, at the lake, on vacation. Your man looks at you and you know in your heart something big is about to happen. He’s talking from the heart and looks a little nervous. He’s even getting a little emotional. Oh boy, what’s happening?

He replays your relationship and tells you how much you mean to him, how he can’t see his life without you, how you’re his better half. This is it! The moment that so many of us dream about—and it’s perfect. The tears come to your eyes, a smile to your face, and you’re wrapped in his embrace. “Yes!” “I do!” “About time!”


Ways to Encourage your Partner

You can enjoy greater well-being and make your marriage more satisfying by helping your spouse to grow and change. It turns out that you’re more likely to pursue rewarding challenges if you have a supportive partner.

That’s the lesson from a recent study by Carnegie University. In this study, researchers divided couples into two roles: a decision-maker and a support provider. Then, they gave them a choice between completing a simple puzzle or competing for a cash prize in a public speaking competition.


5 Habits of Happily Married Couples

Most happily married couples aren’t born with a special ability to create harmonious relationships. They are not necessarily people from perfect families, that had ideal childhoods. Their marital satisfaction isn’t a result of incredible levels of compatibility between their characters.

Even shared values, goals, and missions in life don’t ensure relationship success.


How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your Relationship

When you’re just starting a new relationship, you have so much to talk about! You may find that you share many of the same hopes and dreams for the future.

As the relationship grows, you want to be sure you’re building a rock-solid foundation on which to base your relationship. Having that solid foundation will help your relationship weather the storms of life and bring you joy together.


7 Secrets for a Happy Marriage

A long, successful, happy marriage is the goal of every bride and groom. However, a happy marriage doesn’t just happen: it must be created and nurtured. It takes a bit of work and it never hurts to discover some wonderful ways to enhance your marital relationship.


How Marriage Impacts Your Success

Do you think being married is helpful to achieving success, or does it make success more challenging? Studies have shown that whom you marry has a huge impact on how successful you become.


Practice Financial Fidelity to Strengthen your Marriage and Financial Well-Being

According to a recent study, nearly half of all couples keep money secrets from each other. Yet, being honest about money is essential to a healthy relationship and a sound financial future. These are some steps you can take separately and together to practice financial fidelity.

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